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Megan Raposa | November 30, 2021

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Hello. Megan Raposa here. I’m a lifelong South Dakotan, and I’ve spent most of my adult life in Sioux Falls, from getting my education at Augustana University to building my career as a journalist. In that time I’ve also built a family and a life here. Sioux Falls is my home.

Why did you choose journalism?

Because I want to live in a place where we all have access to information about how decisions are made in our community. Good journalism helps us learn how our kids are educated and how our tax dollars are spent. Local news also helps preserve and even strengthen the culture of a community, highlighting the changemakers, the unsung heroes and the cool people doing cool things.

OK, so why do that on your own? There are plenty of news outlets in town.

I started Sioux Falls Simplified because I believe local news can better serve its community when under local ownership. 

Legacy news outlets in town are part of much larger corporations, and often decisions made about how those outlets operate — including how much funding they have to pay local journalists — are made by people with no ties to Sioux Falls. 
That means the few remaining reporters lack funding, support, and, often, long-term knowledge of our home. Journalism is a tough gig, and it’s even tougher when reporters lack local and historical context or are only in town for a year.

What makes Sioux Falls Simplified special? 

Sioux Falls Simplified is locally owned. 

Everything I write, do and create has this community in mind. From the news stories about important community decisions to the sponsored content highlighting Sioux Falls businesses, I want Sioux Falls Simplified to feel like home.

I’m not here to give you endless pages of shallow content with jargon-y descriptions and nonessential details. I’m here to give you the headlines, bullet points, and basic information so you can follow the local news that really matters and feel smarter, easier. 

I’m also bringing you this news with the perspective of someone who’s lived and worked in this community for more than a decade. I spent six years reporting and editing at the Argus Leader before launching my own local news source.

I’ve lived and told stories in this community through tornadoes and floods, through the downtown building collapse and the Harrisburg High School shooting, through new schools and new businesses, through all of the uncertainty of the last year and a half of a pandemic, a racial reckoning and workforce shortages — and, through it all, I’ve also brought you stories of hope. 

Sioux Falls Simplified is your local news outlet — no jargon, no opinions and no B.S. 

I’m simply here to bring you news that genuinely feels like Sioux Falls, that helps you feel welcome, that encourages and empowers you to participate in local elections, and that, at the end of the day, makes it easy for you to feel smart about living here.

How can you help?  

I love what I do and am determined to keep doing it, but I could really use your support.

It takes time and skill to create simplified, smarter news and — at least for now — I’m running a one-woman show. Your support will help me grow and enlist more local journalists to help keep you informed. You’ll also be buying into a smarter community as you help keep this local news resource free and accessible for everyone in town, regardless of their economic status. 

And, at the end of the day, your support helps make this little-news-outlet-that-could sustainable. 

Become a Sioux Falls Simplified member today, and your monthly contribution will help ensure this homegrown, community-focused news is here to stay. 



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